Tawa college Computer Science Course

The senior computer science courses allow the students to have fun and earn new skills. These skills include learning new coding languages, creating games, applications and websites. In year 11 the DITCS course involves basic HTML and CSS skills, basic databases skills and choosing software to build a prototype. This can give you up to 18 level 1 credits. In the year 12 course you can earn up to 20 level 2 credits and get to build a dynamic website, use HTML and CSS, and learn Python and how to manage Databases. Level 3 DITCS allows you to gain up to 20 level 3 credits. Where you get to build on the software’s previously introduces and learn PHP and jQUERY as well.

2016 Level 1 DITCS course

2016 Level 2 DITCS course

2016 Level 3 DITCS course